Boost your reading skills

Before you plunge into reading, you should take up a few things to improve your reading skills and language progress.

  • Choose appropriate time and place where nobody can disturb and distract you. Find a well-lit space and a comfortable armchair where you can feel relaxed and easy.
  • Prepare a notepad or notebook to write down new words or phrases you read. It is better to take notes how to use these phrases and put down examples with them.

Read phrases, not words

To read and remember entire phrases is much more effective than to learn a single word without context. It does not matter if you do not know the meaning of a new word. More important thing is to understand the meaning of the whole phrase. If you come across a heap of new words and it impedes progress and deprive you of the simple pleasures, you should choose a bit easier text.

Incorporate more senses

While you are in process of reading and taking notes, do not waste time but try to read them aloud so your pronunciation skills will improve as well.

Read in portions

If the text is too long and complex, you can break it up into quite small pieces in order to make complicated reading more pleasant and digestible.

Learn sight words

You should work on learning sight words. Sight words are usual words in the text that appear quite frequently. Your eyes glide over sight words because you already recognize them and it improves your reading speed and quality.

Use your imagination

When you are reading, try not to translate the information into your mother tongue. You should use your imagination and picture in your head what you are reading without interpreting.