Games for children to learn a foreign language

Now we are going to explore some very popular children’s games that are geared toward mastering new vocabulary.

1. Play the “detectives”

Search for several objects of a certain colour in the room. Point to an item / toy or hold it (if possible, let your kid also hold this item), say the name of the colour few times. For example, today you have started to learn the colour “yellow”.

Say in a foreign language:

Let’s find something yellow!

Oh, it is a yellow book!

It is a yellow car.

2. Play the “balls”

If you have got multicoloured balls, the game can be played this way:

Sit on the floor opposite to each other or, if you play with two or more kids – in a circle. As moderator pick up the ball of a certain colour and say:


And roll the ball towards the kid. His or her task is to repeat after you:


When your child plays the game without mistakes, offer your kid the role of the moderator: let him or her choose the colour and roll the ball.

This game can get more complex! But for this, your child must know already the colours very well. So put a bag with colourful balls next to you and close your eyes. Take out any ball and roll it towards your child while saying:

It’s purple

The child joyfully confirms:

Yes, it’s purple. And keeps the ball.

Or denies:

No! It isn’t. And rolls the ball back to you.

Keep playing until your child has gathered all the balls from the bag.

Once your kid plays confidently, offer her or him the moderator’s role.

3. Play the active game

Put the items of various colours or colourful cards in different places of the room.

Your position is in the middle of the room. Name any colour and how to get to certain item. If your child gets confused, start to move first:

Are you ready?

Blue! Jump!

Red! Skip!

Orange! Stamp!

Purple! Hop on one leg!

Indigo! Crawl!

Green! Run!

Before playing this game, I recommend introducing the verbs to your kid in advance.

4. The game “What is missing?”

It develops the imagination, memory and focus of your child.

Put 3 cards with different items on them in front of your child. Then offer to close his or her eyes. Remove one card. Your kid must find out which card is missing.

Close your eyes with your hands!

What is missing?

Ball is missing!

Repeat the game with other learning cards.

5. The game “Mysterious Animals”

It develops spatial thinking of your child, helps to strengthen memory and the focus.

Print out some animal learning cards. Cut each card into two pieces. The goal of the game is to complete the images of the animals. Shuffle the lower and upper (left and right) parts on the table and choose one of them. Offer your child to complete the whole picture:

What animal is it?

It is a head. This is the head.

Let’s find its legs!

Oh! It is a house! This is a horse!

If you enjoy playing with your child while learning a foreign language, I’m pleased to recommend my e-book with more than 50 games and learning cards for printing. You can learn more by checking my shop.