The advantages of online language lessons

1. Convenience

Online classes are advantageous for the foreign language learners. The most convenient thing is the possibility to arrange your Skype lesson over the Internet wherever and whenever you want since you have a high-speed Internet access, calm surroundings and the wish to achieve a new portion of knowledge to improve your language skills. A lot of people prefer having their online lessons from the office or home but some people who frequently go for business trips or go away for holidays do not want to waste time and wait a couple of weeks to return to classes. Basically, for having high-quality lesson you need only your computer, mobile phone or tablet, a headset and Internet access.

2. The use of technology            

Due to new Internet technologies Skype lessons are characterized by more dynamic and active learning process than during offline classes. The chat box is an indispensable assistant to correct mistakes. If students make some mistakes while speaking, teachers can type, send them correct words or phrases through the chat box and explain mistakes after the task is competed. Moreover, this messaging tools allows saving time for all the notes and focus on some specific mistakes after lesson.

Skype’s technology helps to improve Student – Teacher interaction. The teacher and students can create a document with shared access and share links. It is convenient when the student and the teacher can watch an episode or look at the same pictures, graphics, images and discuss details immediately.

3. Less Intimidating       

Learning a new language may be a challenge for most students. Face-to face communication might be an excessive pressure and it takes some time to overcome the constraints. Thus, many students who learn a foreign language prefer staying in their natural environment and doing online classes because they feel less intimidating, more confident and relaxed.

4. Increased Focused

Headphones enhance learners’ listening experience as the device allows them to adjust the sound options such as volume at their discretion. It helps to be more focused and concentrated on the process, achieve success and improve listening skills much faster. Listening and practicing pronunciation of new words is much easier with headphones, where sounds are clearer and more understandable than in classroom with other possible noises.

5. More Interactive                       

Skype classes allow teachers to make the learning process more interesting, exciting and productive. During the lesson “Student – Teacher” interaction becomes more active and natural. It takes speaking skills as well as grammar and vocabulary knowledge which helps to provide the most effective and impressive way to learn a new foreign language.

6. Contribute to protect our environment

Nowadays, more and more people start to pay attention to the environment protection. How can online classes help to save our surroundings? When you use the Internet, it does not only save your money and time, but it reduces fuel consumption while either you drive your own car or use public transport to get to a language school. Moreover, we use digital material for every lesson and less printed books and copies. It helps to decrease paper and ink consumption.