How to memorize new words quickly

In order to speak good any foreign language you must have a certain vocabulary

I will share with you 3 effective ways to memorize new words

1️. Learning cards

Write on one side of a small sheet a word in a foreign language, on the other side – the same word but in a native language. Thus, you will have a deck of learning cards, on one side of which a foreign word is written and on the second a translation.

Flip through these cards pronouncing foreign words and memorizing the translation. If you remember the word – put the card aside, if not – put it in the end of the deck to repeat it again.

Test your knowledge: translate the word from native to foreign language and vice versa. You can add small drawings in order to strengthen the association. Come back to your cards as often as possible and repeat the learned vocabulary from time to time. Change the cards to the new ones and after 1-2 weeks return the learned ones in order to repeat the words. Thus, you learn the material fundamentally and from short-term memory the words fall into the long-term one.

2️. Associations

To learn new word, you need to come up with a mnemonic association in your native language.

You can make a suitable association by yourself. The most important thing is that your association should be clear for you and easy to remember. It will be effective if you make up not only a verbal association, but also visualize it: when speaking a word imagine an association, let the image turn out to be as funny and memorable as possible. A dynamic picture with your personal presence works even better. The livelier the picture the easier it will be to remember.

3. Combine words by subject

Usually the words related to one topic are easier to remember . Therefore, try to break the words into groups of 5-10 words and learn them.

Do not forget about one miraculous effect: the human brain from a group of objects learns better the one that differs. For example, if you learn words from the topic “Fruits”, add one word from the topic “Family” and your learning process will get even more effective. Use mind maps to break words into groups.